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joi, 7 aprilie 2016

Lesson Plan - Food (4th grade)

Teacher: Coşa Ancuţa & Mătăsărean Roxana
Class: IV B
Year of study: 4th year of study
Number of classes/ week: 2

Lesson: Food

Objectives: by the end of the lesson the students will have:
·         Identified food words internationally
·         Carried out conversations shopping for food

·         Used irregular plurals accurately

                                                            Warm up activity:

 The teachers ask the students to read the poem on page 46 in the textbook, about the food all over the word, and then she will ask ten students to come in front of the class and each one to pick up a note with the name of an international food on it. The students read out loud the name of the food and try to guess the specific country for each type of food. 

Lead in:

The teachers write on the Whiteboard the word- Food- and show a picture with a crossword puzzle on it. The students will answer teacher's questions in order to find the word on the diagonal, which is “Supermarket”, so they will be led into the new lesson. 

                                                     Introducing the new vocabulary:
                                                           -at the supermarket-

The teachers will demonstrate an example of a dialogue, in which one will be the customer and the other will be the shop assistant. The teachers will have a badge so the students will know which one is the shop assistant and which one is the customer. The teachers bring real products with the price tags on them, so that the dialogue seems more realistic. The structure of the dialogue is the following:

Shop assistant: Hello, can I help you?
Customer: I would like some milk, please.
Shop assistant: How much milk would you like?
Customer: A carton, please.
Shop assistant: Here you are.
Customer: How much is it?
Shop assistant: Two pounds, please.
Customer: Here you are.
Shop assistant: Thank you! Good bye!
Customer: Good bye!

The students will receive a handout with the structure of the dialogue. Two of them will read the dialogue on the handout and than the teachers will ask some pairs of students to come in front of the class and make a dialogue following the same structure, but using other products. The dialogue between the students will be repeated several times.

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