Predare -> Învăţare -> Zâmbet

Predare -> Învăţare -> Zâmbet

joi, 7 aprilie 2016

Lesson plan - The Animals (1st grade)

Teacher: Cosa Ancuta and Mătăsărean Roxana
Class: I 
Year of study: 1st year of study
Number of classes/ week: 1

Lesson: My Animals

Objectives: by the end of the lesson the students will have:
·          Identified the animals on the pictures
·          Matched animals sounds to animal name

·         used specific colors in order to express how they feel about the animals given

                                                             Lead in:
Ts show some pictures with different animals.

Introducing Animals Vocabulary

The teachers will ask the students the question 
What is this?” and they will answer “This is a...” giving the name of the animal (dog, cow, duck, owl, cat, bird, pig, mouse, sheep, rabbit, snake, chicken, frog, bee, donkey, elephant, bear, lion). 
The teachers will also use the structure: “ Do you like it?” and the answers will be “ I like it; I don’t like it; I love it or I hate it”, according to how they feel about the animal. The teachers will supply extra information as introducing the new word, using facial expression to make the students remember the word (The pig is dirty-face of disgust; The bird flies-showing with the arms the action).

                                                      Controlled practice

Matching the animals with their specific sound

The teahcers  say the name of an animal and ask the students to reproduce the sound of it. The teacher will insist on the animal sounds that are different in Romanian than in English.


Students are asked to listen to the song twice in order to remember the sounds of the animals and are encouraged to sing along.


The teachers ask two students to come in front of the class. One will pick up a card with an animal on it and will reproduce the sound of the animal he/she has on the card and the other student will have to guess the answer. The animals on the cards are the same animals that appeared in the song

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  1. sigur ma voi folosi de planul acesta pentru a-mi invata copii ;)

  2. Lecția este foarte utilă! Partea cu listening-ul îi va ajuta pe elevi și,de ce nu, pe membri familiei care vor să învețe și ei limba engleză.

  3. Foarte bine realizata aceasta lectie si de un real folos celor mai mari pentru a-i invata pe cei mai mici numele si sunetele corespunzatoare fiecarui animal!